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Special-Hazard Systems 

Almost every business has important documents and file information contained in some type of computer or file room.  Often times, these rooms are protected with the wrong type of fire-protection system In the event of a fire, the fire-protection system can cause as much damage as the fire itself.  That is why there are special-hazard systems to keep your computer and data files safe.  When it comes to special-hazard systems, Profire Protection Inc. is the most experienced in the industry.  We provide complete sales, design, engineering and installation of these systems.  There are different types of Special-Hazards that are available for different applications.

Sapphire, Intergen and Co2 Systems

Clean-agent systems are ideal for computer rooms, electronic-data files and telecommunication rooms where electronics are common.  Profire Protection Inc. can design and engineer a system to fit your needs.  These systems extinguish the fire quickly and efficiently, without leaving any sort of mess.  There is little-to-no cleanup, and the agent will not harm any of the electronics or files.  We can inspect, service and repair these systems.

Dry Chemical Systems

These systems are designed for paint booths and flammable storage.  These systems are designed to stop the spread of fire that other systems can actually cause.  Profire Protection Inc. can design and engineer a system to fit your needs.  We inspect, maintain, service and repair these systems.