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Installation, Service and Repair


We Install Fire-sprinklers systemson new or existing buildings.  We can modify existing systems to fit your needs.  We can Install wet systems, dry systems, anti-freeze, deluge and pre-action systems in residential, industrial and commercial applications.  We also update existing systems to make them code compliant.

*Service and Repair

Damaged or neglected fire-sprinkler systems can cause leaks that can lead to major problems from water damage.  Commonly, this happens in winter when pipes freeze and break.  That is when you need to call the Pros at Profire Protection Inc.  We provide quick and reliable repairs to avoid as much damage as possible and to get your system back online running smoothly.  We fix and replace any necessary parts such as valves, heads, pipes and fittings.  We are a 24-hour fire-sprinkler emergency service.